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Singer / songwriter Adele’s separation – prioritising child arrangements

Recently, representatives for singer / songwriter Adele, confirmed that she and her husband, Simon Konecki, have separated after three years of marriage.  Adele and Simon had been together for eight years and media speculation has been rife about their upcoming divorce proceedings. Away from the media coverage, one key part of the announcement is that...

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Change of use – what’s the process?

In a perfect world, you would be able to convert a commercial property from one type of business to another without having to jump through too many hoops or get tangled up in too much red tape. Unfortunately, though, this world is far from perfect, and a change of use can involve a surprising amount...

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Change in divorce law looks set to stop the blame game

The news that no-fault divorce is likely to become law has been welcomed, but while the legislation waits for its place in the parliamentary calendar, families must continue to deal with one party being ‘blamed’ for the breakup or wait for the change in the law. And with the parliamentary calendar full of another divorce...

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A hike in probate fees may be on the cards from April

In February, the proposal to change the fees charged by the Probate Registry when applying for a Grant of Probate (or equivalent) to an estate when someone has died went before the Delegated Legislation Committee and were narrowly approved.  The increased charges are likely to come into effect in April 2019 and will result in the...

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