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Jargon busting – Wills

Why is jargon used in wills? Legal terms are used in formal documents to ensure clarity. A will is a formal document. The terms used form a kind of shorthand to save lengthy explanations or repetition throughout the document. They are also used to avoid ambiguity to those who need to interpret the document. Terms...

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Inheritance Disputes

This is compounded by the complexity of the law surrounding property ownership, wills, trusts and inheritance. Add to that fears about the costs of care in old age it is perhaps surprising that there are not more disputes. By Nigel Mills, Senior Associate Solicitor, in the Dispute Resolution Team In this article I will mention...

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Do you know your Duties as Director?

By: Sam Glascow, Trainee Solicitor in the Commercial and Agricultural Department, Farnfields Solicitors Does this apply to me? Directors’ general duties are owed by all types of directors which includes formally appointed directors, shadow directors, executive and non-executive directors etc. It is important to note that you can be a director even if you are...

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Enforcement Options in Recovering a Debt

Recovering a debt can be a complex and challenging process, but understanding the available enforcement options can significantly enhance the likelihood of successful recovery. Here, we explore various methods of enforcement, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages to provide a comprehensive overview for creditors. County Court Judgments (CCJs) A CCJ is a court order that can...

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