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Your rights in disciplinary and grievance procedures during coronavirus

While many workplaces continue to be affected by the coronavirus pandemic, employment law and the Acas Code of Practice concerning disciplinary and grievance procedures still apply. Furloughed workers If you are currently on furlough, it is still possible to be involved in disciplinary or grievance procedures. Whilst on furlough, you may: Take part in a...

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Should you buy or rent a commercial property?

The pros and cons of buying a commercial property If you are looking to move your business, there is an important decision to be made around whether you should buy or rent premises. There are several factors you should consider and making the right decision can be challenging. Potential investment opportunity Firstly, like with any...

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Aspiring property hosts must check the small print

As the shutters lift on life, with shops and bars opening and holiday planning underway, property owners may be thinking of cashing in on the demand for UK trips by offering their home for short-term lets, but they may run into trouble if they don’t check the small print. Whether it’s your main property or...

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