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Guide to naming your business: Companies House rejects 800 company names

In the last two years, Companies House rejected more than 800 company name registrations on the grounds that they are ‘potentially offensive’ including names such as Building That Fought Hitler Limited, Cambridge Cannabis Club Limited, Fancy a Bomb Ltd, and Fit as Fork Ltd. In this article, we look at the restrictions on what you...

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The End of the Furlough Scheme

The purpose of a settlement agreement is to allow an employer and employee to terminate an employment relationship with certainty for all sides. This should avoid any potential costly disputes in the future. It is important to ensure the agreement is properly drafted to reflect the unique circumstances of the termination. Failure to put in...

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Leaving gifts to charity in your will

How can I leave money to charity in my will? Generally speaking, there are two ways to leave money to charity in your will. The first option is to very simply, specify any charities you wish to benefit from your will. Alternatively, you can leave money or property in a trust and leave it up...

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Getting to the root of the problem in boundary disputes

But when it comes to overhanging branches, and fruit falling into a neighbour’s garden, there’s not always a clear-cut answer, even where it poses a health threat. Various protections may impact the right to trim back overhanging branches from a neighbour’s trees, even when they extend over a boundary.  And where trees are in a...

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