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Is selling property at auction right for you?

Property auction process   First, it’s important to understand the auction process. Auctions are typically held in a public venue or online and allow potential buyers to bid on the property. The highest bidder at the end of the auction is legally bound to purchase the property, provided the reserve price (the minimum price at...

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What is contentious probate?

What is contentious probate, and why do I need a solicitor? Contentious probate in the UK refers to a legal dispute that arises when the validity of a will or the distribution of an estate is called into question. For example, this can happen when a family member or other interested party feels that they...

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Buying and selling agricultural property – FAQs

What is agricultural property? Agricultural property refers to land or buildings used for farming or other agricultural purposes, such as raising livestock, growing crops, or forestry. What are the types of agricultural property? Agricultural property can be divided into several types, including farms, estates, woodlands, and farmland. Farms can vary in size and use, from...

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Farnfields Residential Property team continues to grow

Hannah joins us after being self-employed as a consultant since 2018 and has dealt with compliance checks, business development, training and all aspects of conveyancing cover during this time. Clare Gundry, Partner and Head of the Residential Property Department at Farnfields said, “We are pleased to welcome Hannah to the Farnfields team. Hannah brings a...

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