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Helping you to avoid a stinky fine

The Environment Agency has produced binding rules imposing requirements for the replacement or upgrade of septic tank drainage systems as a means of reducing pollution and improving water quality. The EA is taking these measures as septic tanks are notorious for causing pollution, which can have far-reaching environmental and social consequences. Under the new regulations,...

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Making the world go round – What is the role of Notaries?

The Notarial profession is the oldest branch of the legal profession. As the world of business continues to shrink, Notaries are perhaps more relevant now than ever. Julian Alahakoon and Ingrid Hindle shed some light on this ancient, yet essential role. Notary Publics assist businesses and companies whose activities stretch abroad. They continue to be...

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What will happen to Fido, Felix or Flopsy?

Our pets are our constant companions – on hand twenty-four hours a day, every day, offering loyalty and love. They help reduce stress by providing emotional security as well as providing a fixed routine. Pets bring us happiness and laughter to lift depression. As pets usually have shorter lifespans than their owners, people tend to...

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9-15 September is Remember A Charity Week

Remember a Charity Week aims to encourage people to leave money to charity in their will as even a small donation can have a massive impact. The organisation was formed in 2000 as a consortium of charities working to encourage more people to leave a legacy donation in their Will. The campaign works with...

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