Commercial Dispute Resolution

Getting on with your business is what you want to be able to do. However, as we all know, it is a fact of business life that there will be legal disputes at some point. Our objective is to advise you on commercial dispute resolution so that you are able to resolve them quickly and cost-effectively.

We can use different methods to help you achieve commercial dispute resolution, sometimes forcefully and robustly fighting your corner will suit, on other occasions a more conciliatory approach, such as considering alternatives to litigation (pre-action settlements, mediation or similar), will achieve the required result.  We can help you with:

If you see a legal dispute on the horizon, the earlier you contact us the more effective we can be in resolving the matter before litigation commences. Our team realise costs are a concern for any client, we will be clear on costs from the start and we will advise you on how to manage those costs throughout the commercial dispute resolution process.

Formal court proceedings can be expensive. We will advise on routes such as pre-action settlements, mediations and other alternative dispute resolution options. In the process, we can identify bespoke and cost-effective approaches to save you money but still achieve the outcome you want.

Commercial dispute resolution must be dealt with quickly because they can easily become protracted, which are not only financially draining, but also a major distraction which could impact on your business’ performance and productivity.

We advise a wide range of clients throughout the region, from sole traders to international companies. Whatever the size of your business or scale of the challenge, we are committed to delivering the greatest degree of support.

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