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Business Solicitors in Dorset, Wiltshire & Somerset

If you run a business providing goods or services you need to make sure that your terms and conditions of business reflect what happens in practice and exclude liability to the fullest extent permitted by law . We can help you with this and can draft bespoke terms and conditions which cover any particular areas where difficulties with customers may arise in your particular business sector.

We can also advise on your general procedure for making contracts with customers .  If your customers may be consumers we can also provide advice on the law which applies to contracts with consumers . There have been many recent changes in this area which you may not be aware of.

We can also help with your contracts with suppliers  and/ or agents and distributors. This may include intellectual property licences.

Finally, if you decide to enter into agreements with other businesses, we can draft joint venture agreements or other forms of co-operation agreements.

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