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Mandatory arbitration process unveiled for commercial rent arrears

To protect businesses forced to close during the pandemic, the government imposed a moratorium on commercial landlords evicting tenants who were unable to pay their rent. Alongside, restrictions stopped landlords seizing goods in lieu of rent, and businesses in rent arrears were protected from insolvency proceedings by their landlord. The new code of conduct came...

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Far more… site visits

As an agricultural property solicitor, I am privileged to live and work in a beautiful part of Dorset. One of the many benefits of my work is the opportunity to visit some lovely parts of the English countryside acting on sales and purchases and other land related matters. Recently, I visited a local dairy farm...

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Guide to naming your business: Companies House rejects 800 company names:

In the last two years, Companies House rejected more than 800 company name registrations on the grounds that they are ‘potentially offensive’ including names such as Building That Fought Hitler Limited, Cambridge Cannabis Club Limited, Fancy a Bomb Ltd, and Fit as Fork Ltd. In this article, we look at the restrictions on what you...

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Why do you need a shareholders agreement?

In an ideal world everyone in business would get along. There would be no disagreements between owners and everyone involved would have the same vision for the future of the company. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. That is why a shareholders agreement is essential for companies with multiple shareholders. It could...

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