Dispute Resolution

Unlocking Resolution: The Power of Mediation in Civil Disputes

At Farnfields Solicitors, we recognise the transformative potential of mediation in resolving a wide array of conflicts, from boundary disputes to financial disagreements and beyond. Keep reading to see what mediation entails, how it operates, and why it offers unparalleled benefits for clients seeking swift and amicable resolutions. Understanding Mediation Mediation is a voluntary and...

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Garden Alterations and Neighbour Disputes – Resolving Summer Conflicts

From planting trees on boundary lines to a new fence or maybe even a new shed for your new gardening plans, conflicts between neighbours happen, but resolving these conflicts amicably and understanding the legal considerations surrounding garden alterations can help you maintain harmonious neighbourly relationships. ​In this article, we will explore common garden alteration issues, offer guidance on resolving disagreements, and shed light on the legal aspects relevant to property owners. Common Garden Alteration Issues Garden alteration issues can arise due to a...

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