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The power of naming and shaming

Written by: Nigel Mills, employment law specialist with Farnfields solicitors. “What’s in a name?” asks Shakespeare’s Juliet, declaring that a rose would smell just as sweet whatever we call it. But that argument is unlikely to hold water in today’s working environment. Getting names exactly right is increasingly important, whether it’s the pronoun you use...

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The End of the Furlough Scheme

The purpose of a settlement agreement is to allow an employer and employee to terminate an employment relationship with certainty for all sides. This should avoid any potential costly disputes in the future. It is important to ensure the agreement is properly drafted to reflect the unique circumstances of the termination. Failure to put in...

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Your rights in disciplinary and grievance procedures during coronavirus

While many workplaces continue to be affected by the coronavirus pandemic, employment law and the Acas Code of Practice concerning disciplinary and grievance procedures still apply. Furloughed workers If you are currently on furlough, it is still possible to be involved in disciplinary or grievance procedures. Whilst on furlough, you may: Take part in a...

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The new Job Support Scheme – Your questions answered

The Job Support Scheme (JSS) will replace the furlough scheme and will come into play on 1 November 2020. In this article, we look at FAQs covering how the scheme works, who is eligible and specific difficulties employers and employees might have concerns about. Which employees are eligible for JSS? Employees who have been on...

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What is a Settlement Agreement and why should I get advice?

With the existing Furlough Scheme coming to an end soon sadly many employees may find they are facing redundancy if current predictions about the economy are correct.  It is increasingly common for employers to manage the redundancy process using the Settlement Agreement procedure (previously known as Compromise Agreements).  This is a process whereby in return for...

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