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Vulnerable face time-bomb by not appointing others to act

Figures from the Office of the Public Guardian, the government body responsible for registering lasting powers of attorney, reveal that the number of applications dropped by 25 per cent over the last year. In 2020/21, just 691,746 were made, compared with 917,550 in 2019/20. A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a document by which...

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What happens to joint property when cohabitation ends?

Separation is never easy, but if you and your former partner own property together, the situation can be even more complicated. If you have been living with a partner, but you are not married, the legal term is ‘cohabitation’. When cohabitees separate, they are not afforded the same protections in law as married couples who...

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Should I take my family dispute to arbitration?

The current Covid-19 situation across the UK is making it difficult for some child arrangements orders to be put into effect, specifically where the child is to spend time with the other parent in another household. The parent with whom the child is ordinarily resident may have concerns about the transmission of the virus and...

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Do I need a Child Arrangements Order?

An unfortunate side effect of relationship breakdown can often be a continued dispute over the child or children of the relationship and with whom they should spend time and when / for how long. Many couples can resolve these differences without reverting to the courts, but sometimes they have to get involved. Also, what if...

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How does Coronavirus affect contact with my children?

In the Farnfields Family Team, we are aware that there is currently lots of conflicting advice about the arrangements for children to spend time with separated parents. We are here to help you and have brought together in this article guidance from CAFCASS and the Family Court. The key points are: Keeping a sense of...

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Singer / songwriter Adele’s separation – prioritising child arrangements

Recently, representatives for singer / songwriter Adele, confirmed that she and her husband, Simon Konecki, have separated after three years of marriage.  Adele and Simon had been together for eight years and media speculation has been rife about their upcoming divorce proceedings. Away from the media coverage, one key part of the announcement is that...

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