Do I need a Child Arrangements Order?

Do I need a Child Arrangements Order? image

An unfortunate side effect of relationship breakdown can often be a continued dispute over the child or children of the relationship and with whom they should spend time and when / for how long. Many couples can resolve these differences without reverting to the courts, but sometimes they have to get involved. Also, what if a grandparent feels that they too should see their grandchild but are prevented from doing so? If any dispute about arrangements for contact with children cannot be resolved without the intervention of the court, the plans for the children are set out in child arrangements orders.

Who can apply for a Child Arrangements Order

Anyone with Parental Responsibility may apply for an order, as may a legal guardian. The court may make an order itself during any other family proceedings if it thinks one is necessary, and relatives without parental responsibility may also apply to the court for an order. Our team of experienced solicitors will guide you through every step of the way ensuring that you understand the process. An order may specify who the child lives with and what contact arrangements there are to be with for example the other parent.

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