Residential Property

At Farnfields Solicitors, we understand that one of the most important things in anyone’s life is their home. Whether you own a property or rent, we know that your home means much more to you than just bricks and mortar.

If you are buying, selling, investing, letting, or simply searching for your dream home, there will be times when you need an expert property lawyer to help everything run smoothly. Should you encounter problems with your property, having a knowledgeable residential property lawyer on your side is invaluable.

Our experienced residential property lawyers provide a wide range of services to help safeguard your home or property investments. From selling or buying to remortgaging, advice on tenancy agreements and advice on buying and selling property at auction, we are here to provide guidance and support whatever your circumstances may be.


With transparent and upfront pricing and a swift and effective promise, our friendly lawyers make property law straightforward and hassle-free. We will explain all the processes clearly and answer any questions you may have. For more information about the conveyancing process please click on the links below.

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Purchasing a Freehold Property

Selling a Freehold Property

Purchasing a Leasehold Property

Selling a Leasehold Property

Remortgaging a Property

Residential Conveyancing Instant Estimate

At Farnfields Solicitors, we understand that one of the most important things in anyone’s life is ...

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Property Sales

We make buying and selling property straightforward. We will keep the process on track, giving you c...

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Country Houses and Estates

We are proud and privileged to live and work in such a beautiful part of the country. Many rural pro...

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Buying Your New Build Home

At Farnfields Solicitors we make buying your new build home as straightforward as possible. Instruc...

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First Time Buyers

Buying your first home is an exciting time but it can be a little daunting if you have never gone th...

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Investment and Buy to Let Properties

Are you looking to enjoy the rewards of investing in property?  Buy-to-let property can be a great ...

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Remortgaging, Equity Release and Lifetime Mortgage

At Farnfields Solicitors we make the process as quick and simple as possible. We will guide you thro...

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Buying and Selling at Auction

Buying property at auction can be an exciting experience and is often a great way to get a good deal...

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Transfer and Co-Ownership

Our expert property lawyers can help with every stage of a transfer of title, providing the support ...

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Right to Buy

To find out if you are eligible, you can use this eligibility checker. If your property is your only...

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Tenancy Agreements and Deposits

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, it makes good sense to have a solid tenancy agreement in pla...

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Information for Buyer’s of Leasehold Properties

With over 45% of law firms deciding not to act in connection with any properties affected by the Bui...

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Information for Seller’s of Leasehold Properties

With around 45% of legal firms deciding not to act on the purchase or sale of leasehold properties f...

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