Lucy joined Farnfields in 2018.  She is an experienced Family Law Specialist Solicitor. Lucy is a Law Society Advanced Family Panel Member, Trained Mediator, Collaborative Practitioner and Resolution Accredited Specialist.  Lucy is also the Assistant Head of the Family Department.

Lucy’s specialisms include:

  • High-value financial claims on Divorce – including sharing Armed Forces Pensions
  • Collaborative Divorce – promoting amicable resolution of Family Disputes
  • Arrangements for Children – working with parents to ensure children spend quality time with each parent

Some recent examples of her work include:

  • Divorce and Finance Case in Somerset – including Business/Pension Assets totalling in excess of £2 million which went to a contested final hearing
  • Disputed Prenuptial Agreement concerning an Inherited Farm (entered into prior to recent high profile cases) – it was fully contested and Lucy succeeded in having the Agreement disregarded

Awards & accreditations

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