Debt Recovery

Cash flow is key to the success of any business and if you are not receiving payments on time, then Farnfields Solicitors can help you. Our expert team will maximise your debt recovery AND keep costs down with our fast and efficient service.  It means that you can concentrate on running your business whilst we concentrate on recovering the payments that you are due.

At Farnfields, we have experience of dealing with one-off cases to multiple requests for assistance and for both small and large organisations.  Our debt recovery services include:

  • Tracing debtors
  • Letters before action  – sometimes all it takes is a legal letter
  • Mediation
  • County court claims
  • County and high court enforcement
  • Advocacy
  • Telephone debt recovery

Our team has an excellent reputation for handling the situation professionally and effectively because we realise that a debtor may be a customer in the future.  At the same time we will work hard to ensure that you receive the payments you are due.