Business transfers

The decision to transfer a business is often straightforward. Ensuring the relevant legislation is not forgotten is where Farnfields Solicitors can help.

There are certain legal requirements that have to be observed when a business is transferred. Failure to do so can result in problems. Employees are protected and you need to know what this means. What you can do in a transfer, and what you cannot. If you are being transferred, it helps if you know what should happen.

Farnfields Solicitors helps many businesses to plan and manage a transfer. Employee rights are paramount in avoiding litigation. Our expert lawyers can meet with you to listen to what your plans are. We explain what you need to do, and help make it happen. We always explain your options and the issues using plain English. And we clearly say what the likely timescales and costs are. And if a problem should occur, we are always on hand to help find you a solution.

If you are involved in a business transfer, contact us today on 01747 825432 to see for yourself how we can help.

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