Buying or Selling a Business

Our highly regarded business solicitors work from our offices in Dorset and Wiltshire and provide legal advice when buying or selling a business.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a business, we can help you get the best terms possible. We’ve handled a high number of business purchases and sales in our time and understand how important specialist legal advice is to the process.

Buying business

If you are buying a business we generally draft Heads of Agreement which ensure that the key terms are agreed at the outset, assist in the due diligence exercise, draft the Purchase Agreement to contain warranties and indemnities as appropriate. We will also draft any relevant ancillary documents such as resignations and appointments etc. if required.

Selling a business

If you are selling a business, we aim to ensure that any Heads of Agreement reflect the agreement between the parties. We will help you to reply to due diligence questions and advise on the terms of the Purchase Agreement, generally drafted by the proposed purchaser. The Purchase Agreement will usually require an amendment to limit your liability under warranties and indemnities.

Whether buying or selling and whether this involves sole traders, companies or partnerships or a combination of these entities, we will ensure that you have a good understanding of all the associated transaction risks and will endeavour to make sure that these are minimised as far as possible in the agreed documentation.

We often work closely with your accountants on the finance and tax side of the deal. Also, if there is property involved, such as the sale of premises or the taking of a new lease we liaise closely with our property colleagues to ensure the transaction runs smoothly.

Have a read through our leaflet which outlines some options for you to consider and feel free to contact us to discuss in further detail.

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Buying or selling a business


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