Commercial Property Finance

Finance or refinancing is regularly required over commercial properties such as offices, warehouses, industrial units, and shops. At Farnfields, we can assist property owners and lenders in securing finance.

Finance may be required for various reasons (such as when buying commercial property, changing banks, for renovations and building projects, for bridging loans or merely following a change of ownership in title deeds).  Our local knowledge of commercial buildings and local market conditions allows us to deal with your finance requirements in a common-sense approach.

At Farnfields, we have a strong professional relationship with all the leading lenders of such finance (such as NatWest, Handelsbanken, Lloyds, Barclays, HSBC, etc.) and with the local relationship managers of such lenders.

In particular, we help property owners to meet the requirements of the lenders, including such matters as:

  • Providing reports and certificates on titles
  • Dealing with guarantee documents
  • Assisting on independent legal advice
  • Applying and reporting on property searches
  • Dealing with title indemnity insurances
  • Considering access and easement requirements
  • Separating titles at the Land Registry
  • Arranging the removal of the previous lending from title deeds
  • Dealing with registrations at the Land Registry and Companies house

At times, lenders use their own panel solicitors, and where needed, we have a track record of working closely with them.

At Farnfields, we can assist in complex and portfolio refinancing as well as private loan arrangements.  As well as helping the lenders, we also work closely with local and regional commercial property agents and valuers who act on behalf of the banking institutions.   We also value the input of accountants, tax advisors, and other professionals to ensure any financial transaction is structured according to your needs.

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