Fixed Fee Stage 2 – Court Proceedings

The second stage of the process is to issue a claim in the County Court.

A claim form must be completed detailing the basis of the claim, together with enclosing any relevant documentation that you wish to rely upon in support of your claim.

Issuing a claim is often not as simple as the Government make it out to be. There are certain boxes that must be ticked prior to issuing your claim. By instructing Farnfields to issue a claim on your behalf, you can rest easy that the claim is prepared and served correctly and efficiently, avoiding any complications further down the line.

The claim is then sent to the court, who in turn will serve the claim on the debtor. The debtor will then have a time period in which to acknowledge the claim and/or file a defence, if applicable, or pay the debt due. The debtor may, however, choose to bury their head in the sand further and ignore the claim altogether.

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