Change of Name

Our expert change of name solicitors work from our offices in Dorset and Wiltshire and can provide you with more information when it comes to legally changing your name.

If you decide to change your name, Farnfields can help you to do this legally and properly with a fixed fee package.

People change their name for a variety of reasons. What the law thinks of this is simple. A name change is acceptable unless it seeks to defraud or has some criminal benefit. Simply asking others to call you by your new name could work but a deed poll or statutory declaration is more sensible as other parties and authorities accept more readily a legal document than just your word.

You may wish to change the surnames of your children if they are of a certain age. This requires certain consents but we explain this simply, using plain English.

Farnfields can help you change your name simply and easily. A change of name deed is drawn up by one of our expert lawyers and the proper procedure carried out to ensure its legal status. If there are any associated matters to the change of name deed, we can discuss this at the time.

Farnfields cannot guarantee that any documentation will be accepted by an outside agency. Please speak to us if you would like further information.

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