Unlawful Deductions

Every employee deserves to be paid correctly and as promised by their employer. From time to time, disputes can arise and your employer may feel they have the right to deduct wages from you. However, employers can make mistakes and it may be that the deduction from your wages is actually an unlawful deduction.

There are many reasons why an employer might make a deduction from your wages. For example, to cover training expenses, uniform costs, property damage or sickness. But, if these deductions have not been formally agreed with you in advance, they could be unlawful.

If you believe your wages have been unlawfully deducted, the first step is to try and resolve the dispute with your employer. If you have tried this approach without success, we can help. Our specialist employment law solicitors can help you receive the money owed to you. This could involve making a grievance complaint or submitting a claim to an employment tribunal. Before taking any action, we will clearly explain all of your options, help you plan the best solution for your own particular situation and be with you every step of the way.

You can talk to us in complete confidence to find out what your options are. So for fast, friendly employment law advice, give us a call on 01747 825432 today.

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