Prenuptial Agreements

Our experienced Prenuptial agreement solicitors work from our offices in Dorset and Wiltshire to advise you on the best way you can prepare for every eventuality.

While prenuptial agreements may appear unromantic, they are likely the best method to assure that if your marriage ends, there will be as little property and financial turmoil as possible.

Writing a Prenuptial agreement

Planning a wedding is an exciting time – and also a time when you start thinking about your long-term future. You are looking forward to a long and happy marriage but it is also natural to wonder what unexpected twists and turns life might bring.

That is why, when planning a wedding or civil partnership, it is a good idea to prepare for every eventuality. After all, none of us can accurately predict where life may take us in 10 or 20 years’ time. With a Prenuptial agreement in place, you and your partner can enter into marriage safe in the knowledge that you will both know where you stand if you do choose to end your marriage in the future. You should also create or update your will to reflect this exciting new chapter.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement

Each party must take independent legal advice. Prenuptial agreements set out in writing what should happen to each person’s assets and finances if the marriage breaks down. It gives you both the opportunity to agree in advance what is fair – rather than one of you losing a large amount of your assets in the event of a divorce. It is essential to draft the agreement well in advance of your wedding day. This gives plenty of time to get the agreement right and it will be looked on more favourably by the courts than an agreement that has been put together at the last minute.

Will asking for a Prenuptial Agreement make it look like I expect my marriage to fail?

Asking for a Prenuptial agreement certainly does not mean that you expect your marriage to fail – and it does not have to detract from the romance and excitement of your special day. With the help of our friendly and experienced solicitors, putting a Prenuptial agreement in place is a straightforward and sensible way to protect your future. And once it is in place, you can get on with planning and enjoying your wedding day and your life together as a happily married couple.

At Farnfields our solicitors have created agreements for many couples and our expertise provides the peace of mind that everything has been done correctly. With a proper agreement in place, your wishes are more likely to be accepted by the courts in the event of a divorce – which could save you thousands or even millions of pounds in the future.

Please see our leaflet which outlines some prenuptial options and contact us to find out more.

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